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General Law Township
• Moderates board and annual meetings
• Chief assessing officer (if certified)
• Secretary to Board of Review
• Township’s legal agent
• Must maintain records of supervisor’s office
• Responsible for tax allocation board budget (if applicable)
• Develops township budget
• Appoints some commission members
• Member of township elections commission
• May call special meetings
• May appoint a deputy

What is extent of a supervisor’s authority as legal agent for the township?

MCL 41.2(4) provides that:

“(4) A suit, act, or proceeding, by or against a township, in its corporate capacity, shall be in the name of the township. The supervisor of each township shall be the agent for his or her township for the transaction of legal business, by whom a suit may be brought and defended, and upon whom process against the township shall be served.”

The supervisor’s position as legal agent for the township is a statutory duty of the supervisor.

The supervisor does not, however, have unfettered authority to do as he or she desires. The supervisor must exercise this agent’s authority in a manner consistent with township board decisions regarding legal business.

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