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I want my road wider with an asphalt surface! This is one of the comments that Township Officials all over the State of Michigan hear at one time or another. But in the early 1900’s all they could wish for was a passable two-rut road to get to town to purchase groceries once a month.

When the State of Michigan was originally divided into counties and townships it was left to in to individual townships to build and maintain their own road system. Many townships set up special assessments to fix one road at a time either through taxes or volunteer labor and horse teams. By the mid 1930’s the State Legislature decided there had to be a more uniform way of maintaining roads over larger geographical areas. They passed a law in 1935 called the “Mcnitt Act” which created County Road Commissions and turned over ownership of all road right of ways to the Road Commissions.

Even though all the road right of ways belong to the Road Commission, most townships donate funds from their budgets each year for specific projects in their township to the Road Commission. Some townships even have extra vote millage on property taxes to help build and maintain roads.

In Escanaba Township, we have never had any extra voted millage for any purpose, but do donate funds from our general fund each year to the Delta County Road Commission. Even though you do not pay for road repairs directly from property taxes (most road repair money comes from gasoline tax) the Township Board allocates between $80,000 and $100.000 per year. We have been providing these large amounts of money (25% of our budget) for many years. 

Included below is a list of road projects that have been paid for through funds from the general fund here in Escanaba Township.

Completed Road Projects

1985 – 1.2 miles pavement on D- 1 (Completed 1985)
$6,000 gravel

1986 – 1.5 miles pavement on M.5 (Completed 1985)
$6,000 gravel

3 new culverts and road build up Chaison road –
(Completed 1986)

1987 – 1 miles pavement on Chaison road (Completed 1987)
1/2 mile pavement on 21st road (completed 1987)
2000’ road build up Chaison road (Completed 1987)
1/2 mile pavement on 21st road (Completed 1987)
.3 miles pavement on N.7 Lane (Completed 1987)
$6,000 gravel

1988 – 1.4 miles pavement on Chaison road (Completed 1988)
1/2 mile pavement or $11,000 for ditching on L.75 Lane (Completed 1988)
.3 miles pavement on 19.9 Lane (Completed 1988)
.4 miles pavement on Westridge (Completed 1988)
.8 mile pavement on North Lake Bluff & Whitney Blvd. (Completed 1988)

1989 – 1 miles pavement on Chaison road (Completed 1989)
1/2 mile pavement on M.5 road (Completed 1989)
.3 miles pavement on Cemetary road (Completed 1989)
$4,200 gravel

1990 – 1.2 miles pavement on Lake Bluff (Completed 1990)
new culverts & gravel on N.25 Lane (Completed 1990)
.5 miles pavement on L.75 Lane (Completed 1990)
Town Hall parking lot pavement (Completed 1990)
$12,000 gravel

1991 – 1.6 miles pavement in Lake Bluff (Completed 1991)
.4 miles pavement on N.25 lane (Completed 1991)
.3 miles pavement on 21st Rd. west of Cty. Rd. 416 (Completed 1991)
$3,000 gravel

1993 – $30,000 in fund for Lake Bluff Hill
.5 miles pavement on 19th Lane (Completed 1993
2 miles pavement on Blacksmith 20.5 Lane (Completed 1993)
.3 miles pavement on 19.85 Lane (Completed 1993)
2 miles pavement on Rivers Road (Completed 1993)
2.5 miles pavement on G Road & 19th Lane (Completed 1993)

1994 – $30,000 in fund for Lake Bluff Hill
1.75 miles seal-coat on 21st road (D- 12)
.3 miles seal-coat on Mead Blvd.
.3 miles seal-coat on Norway Pines
.9 miles seal-coat on North Lake Bluff Drive
.75 miles seal-coat on H Road (D- 7)
1 miles seal-coat on K Road (D- 19)

1995 – $30,000 in fund for Lake Bluff Hill
1 miles asphalt Westridge Sub.
.3 miles seal-coat O Lane (off Rivers Road)

1996 – .5 miles seal-coat on M.3 (D-33)
1.5 miles seal-coat on N.75 Lane (D-29)
.5 miles pit run & gravel on O Lane (D-9)
1 miles asphalt in Westridge Sub.
1.3 miles asphalt (2” thick) on 0.85 Road (D-1) $48,000

1997 – .5 miles seal-coat on 19th Lane
.25 miles seal-coat on D-28
4 inches gravel on O Lane (D-9)
6 inches gravel, culverts, stumps, and ditching on D-30
$13,000 to Payne & Dolan for previous years work
$40,000 in fund for N.3 Lane

1998 – Paved N.3 Lane with total of $80,000 Township funds ($40,000 from 1997)
.5 miles seal-coat on O Lane (D-9)
.75 miles seal-coat on D-30
.5 miles asphalt on L.75 Lane
$38,390 match for Lake Bluff Safety Project
EST. $40,000 for asphalt on Mead Blvd., Norway Pines and North Lake Bluff Drive
$1,000 Mead Blvd. Cul-ta-sac

1999 – Cut Hill and Double seal-coat .25 miles on 19th Lane
Single seal-coat 2.5 miles on 19th Lane and G Road
1.25 miles asphalt on Rivers Road

2000 – Single seal-coat Triple Creek 23rd Road – 1.75 miles
Ditch and double seal-coat D-10 (off Triple Creek Road)

2001 – 1.75” asphalt on Wagon Wheel Subdivision
1.75” asphalt on Chouinard Subdivision

2002 – Road Comm maintenance monies to ditch and gravel E-12 &D-42 Meadow Ln
$5,000 asphalt on D-42 (Meadow Lane)
$40,000 ditching and gravel on D-12 (21st Road) and D-25

2003 – Single seal-coat on D-16 (Blacksmith Road)
Double seal-coat on D-24 and D-29 N.75 Lane (end of Rivers Road)
Brush D-12 and D-18 (Cemetery Road) from maintenance monies
Double seal-coat D-9 (O Lane across from Paquins)

2004 – Grind pavement, widen, new gravel and 4” asphalt Whitney Blvd. In Lake Bluff
(0.5 Road – D45)
Gravel, new culvert from maintenance monies for 1000 ft on D-39 (I Lane)
4” to 6” breaker stone (3” pit run) on D-12 (21st Road) for 1 mile – $15,000

2005 – Double seal-coated D-39 I Lane .25 miles
Asphalt D-33 M Lane .5 miles
Single seal-coated D-40 19th Lane .45 miles
Gravel D-29 (end of D-8) 450ft
Asphalt shoulder D-45 (19.4 Road)
Culvert & gravel D-33 .25 miles
Asphalt D-45 (19.4 Road) 28ft wide $62,500

2006 – Single seal-coated D-7 (H Rd) .75 miles
Single seal-coated D-39 (I Lane) .25 miles
Single seal-coated D-31 (O Lane) .25 miles
Double seal-coated D-46 (21.9 Lane) .25 miles
Single seal-coated D-9 (O Lane) .5 miles
Single seal-coated D-19 (K Rd) 1 miles
Widen, gravel and double seal-coat D-28 (19.8 Lane) . 2miles

2007 – seal-coated D-12 (21st Road)
seal-coated D-25 (I.5 Lane)
seal-coated D-27 (G Road)
seal-coated D-35 (19th Road)
seal-coated D-18 (20th Road)

2008 – seal-coated D-10 (South of Triple Creek Road)
seal-coated E-22 (23rd Triple Creek Road)
seal-coated D-7 (H-Road)
seal-coated D-57 & D-59 (Lake Bluff)

2009 – $100,000 match for federal grant to reconstruct county road 416 – 20th road with wider and thicker asphalt for 3.2 miles.

2010 – None.

2011 – seal-coated D-40 (19th Lane) .5 mile
seal-coated D-68 (0.8 Lane) .25 mile
seal-coated D-30 (.05 Lane) .5 mile
seal-coated D-18 (20th Road) .25 mile
seal-coated D-16 (Blcksmith 20.5 Rd) 2 miles
seal-coated D-12 (21st Road) .5 mile
seal-coated D-25 (21st Road) .25 mile

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