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- It's coming! - Volodya immediately picked it up.

-Evaluation parameters, gentlemen? - I picked up the game of majors and looked sideways into the hall. Ai-Petri is our slave owner, he is also the head of all the croupiers on the shift, he is also the pit boss2,

stood, according to the casino staffing table, at the roulette wheel, with his back to the blackjack, leaning with both hands on the table. He was not up to us, he was engaged in arithmetic The obese uncle at roulette loudly disagreed with the amount of the winnings. Oh, it's at least five minutes, or even longer! This does not depend on the mathematical abilities of the croupier - we are all geniuses here in this regard. The main thing here is not the correct multiplication, but how receptive the uncle is to the arguments of the staff. Judging by his cries of “what are you driving” and “what are you, you decided to bend me, goats” - not very receptive. Maybe I have seven minutes to spare. Lenka will definitely not give up, - the croupier has mutual responsibility, - all the more so from the tip and she will get it, and we are friends after all.



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