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Ad Hoc Committee Update

Following the receipt of the Ad Hoc Committee Report, Planning Commission Chair Jack Penegor and the Township Attorney worked on the next "draft" of the proposed amendment of the Escanaba Township Zoning Ordinance to facilitate Utility Scale Solar Photovotaic ("USSPV”) development in the Township. The proposed amendment is based on their review and consideration of the following elements; (1) language in the originally proposed Ordinance Amendment; (2)  the recommendations of the Ad Hoc Committee, as set forth in their comprehensive "Ad Hoc Committee Report of Recommendations" dated March 2, 2020; and (3) review of 5 other Michigan Municipal Ordinances which regulate industrial scale solar photovoltaic projects. At the teleconference Planning Commission meeting to be held May 4, 2020, the Ordinance amendment itself will not be considered for approval, approval with conditions, or rejection by the Planning Commission.   The only item up for consideration will be whether the Planning Commission finds this draft of the Proposed Ordinance Amendments to be sufficient for purposes of informing the public and giving required legal notices regarding the scheduling of a final public hearing.   If so, the Planning Commission Chair will request that he be given authority to proceed with such public notices.

The Planning Commission Chair also intends to request that the Planning Commission, should it approve the form of a draft Proposed amendment, schedule a final public hearing regarding the proposed amendments regarding USSPVs in the Township, on such advance notice as the Planning Commission finds to be appropriate.

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