• Maintains custody of all township records
• Maintains general ledger
• Prepares warrants for township checks
• Records and maintains township meeting minutes
• Keeps the township book of oaths
• Responsible for regular and special meeting notices

• Publishes board meeting minutes (if taxable value is $65 million in 2005, annually indexed, or a charter township)

• Keeps voter registration file and conducts elections

• Chair of township elections commission
• Keeps township ordinance book

• Prepares financial statements

• Delivers tax certificates to supervisor and county clerk
by September 30

• Must appoint a deputy

• Must post a surety bond


Upcoming Election: NOVEMBER 4, 2014

Precinct #2 and #3 Escanaba Township located at the Township Hall. Precinct #1 located at the Besse Fire Station #2. The general election is Tuesday, November 4th. Polls will open at 7 am and close at 8 pm. If you need an absentee ballot call 789-9050. See you at the polls!

Election Inspectors:

Joyce Scheriff
Escanaba Township

Mary Tuscan
Escanaba Township

Christina Clark
Escanaba Township

Kelly Seymour
Escanaba Township

Michele Chenier
Escanaba Township

Christine Jensen
Escanaba Township

Linda Plouff
Escanaba Township

Barbara Sovey
Escanaba Township

Darlene Kelloneime
Escanaba Township

Jeanne Jacques
Escanaba Township

Betty Lou Tourangeau
Escanaba Township

Linda Trombley-Robitaille
Escanaba Township

Pat Beauchamp
Escanaba Township

Darlene Smith
Cornell Township

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